When you want to tell your existing and potential customers exactly what you have to offer, and to also inform them of other trade matters such as new product launches, special price promotions or reminding them of your plans and stand numbers at a variety of trade shows, then an established and much respected title of 33 years standing should be your choice of title.

In a three-title trade press industry, it isn’t the size of the magazine or who carries the most advertising that should be your criteria, but what each magazine stands for and how genuine their readership claims might be.

Here at Toys ‘n’ Playthings, we have been members of the Audit Bureau of Circulation since 1982 (you have to be publishing for a year before you can have your circulation checked and verified) and therefore you know that what we print and mail has been double-checked by the industry’s watchdog.

Informing the industry for 33 years on a monthly basis* should indicate to any prospective advertiser that we know the industry, respect it and are the essential link between you and your existing and prospective customers.

By advertising in Toys ‘n’ Playthings not only will your advertisement appear on a right hand page facing reading matter, but we will also back your spend with regular editorial on your products (normally in Feature reviews) plus updates on your company’s news which will also include newsflashes on our daily website.

We know the toy industry and the people who work in it on all sides of the fence. So whether your sales message is to the buyer at retail, the toy manufacturer, distributor or the reps and agents who sell to your customers, our circulation reaches all categories of reader.


It isn’t rocket science. Out of sight – out of mind. With buyers changing rapidly within our industry, you need to know your advertisements are being read by the right people. Invariably at the larger toy retail/online organisations, buyers are forever being moved from one buying category to another. Quite often these newly promoted buyers have very little experience of the toy trade, so what better way to reach your target audience than by using Toys ‘n’ Playthings?


This has been our clarion call to the trade, because any advertiser of ours obviously wants to sell more of its products. Likewise our retail readers also want to sell more to their consumer customers. By keeping them up-to-date with the variety of the fantastic products that are available to them must be the lifeblood of their business.

We may be the oldest title by a long way, but we are also very forward thinking -as a read of Toys ‘n’ Playthings will illustrate. As a totally impartial Publisher you can be assured that your advertising budget will be well looked after and offer you maximum value for money for each pound or dollar or euro spent with us.

We can offer great deals and ideas on making your advertising go further.

More and more we are able to offer group rates by your considering also using sister titles that overlap within the toy industry. We also publish to the pram and nursery business, the gift trade, greeting card industry, party and dress-up and finally the character and image licensing businesses.

So there you have it, a veritable treasure-chest of titles that will help your company to maximise both their spend and their sales with Toys ‘n’ Playthings
plus our sister titles.