Vivid launches 20 new games to UK market

by TnP Staff
Published: 5 December 2018, 06:03
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Comes on back of recent acquisition by Goliath Games

Poised to showcase major new introductions to its 2019 games range, Vivid’s re-launched Goliath Games Division positions the company as a leading force in the UK Games Market, following its recent acquisition by Goliath Group. 

Backed by Goliath’s market leading innovation programme, Vivid are poised to breathe new life into the UK games market which has struggled in 2018, posting a 21 per cent decline in the year-to-date. ([1]NPD Data: Year to Date UK Market value sales - October 2018)

“With a new, comprehensive range designed to maximise the Games opportunity for our UK customers, we are tremendously excited about 2019,” comments Nick Thomas, Commercial Director at Vivid Toy Group. “The Goliath range is already well-established within Vivid so this relaunch represents a natural step for the company to demonstrate our commitment to growing the Games Market in the UK.”

With Goliath being a world leader (the company is #3 in the USA and #2 in France for example), the new range will incorporate many existing, hugely successful games as well as exciting new launches designed to maintain consumer interest in a key category.

Already distributing some of the most popular Goliath games in the UK including perennial household favourites Wordsearch, Wordsearch Junior, Shark Bite, Foxy Pants and SSH! Don’t Wake Dad, Vivid’s new Goliath Games Division will launch 20 new games across pre-school, kids’ action, family and party games.

Thomas continues: “This re-launch represents a significant step in strengthening our offering and competitive position within the UK Games market. With almost 50 per cent of our games portfolio already supplied by Goliath and seeing excellent growth across Goliath’s games within the last 12 months, we are in a perfect position to introduce new, exciting additions to the Goliath portfolio under our re-launched Games Division.  We are particularly excited about Sequence, a huge success in America, along with children’s games such as Gator Golf and Lucky Ducks.”

Building on its existing range for 2019, the Goliath games range will see Harry Potter brought into its licensed collection for the first time in what promises to be a huge year for the Wizarding World franchise. Other additions to the range will be revealed during Toy Fair season kicking off what promises to be a huge year for the Goliath Games Division and Vivid Toy Group.