Magformers launches new play sets

by TnP Staff
Published: 30 November 2018, 08:27
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Four themed sets with mini-figures will be at Toy Fair

Magformers will launch a new range of four specially-themed play world sets containing mini-figures and accessories at London Toy Fair in January.

The 26-piece Amazing Police & Rescue Set (rrp £29.99) is joined by three larger 50-piece sets – the Amazing Construction Set, Amazing Police Set and Amazing Rescue Set (rrps £49.99).

For each set, special dual-purpose accessories have been developed that transform: like an emergency light block that opens out and turns into a spinning propeller; a grille that can be used as window bars or vehicle bumpers; and an angled, extendable arm that also becomes a ladder.  

Magformers UK MD David Kelly said: “Magformers sets have always stimulated the imagination and creativity of children to promote their development. But these sets bring a new dimension to our brand for the first time really – the ability to make play worlds and create miniature environments.

“There are mini-figures in each set that snap into any vehicles and buildings the children make, so they can genuinely explore and enjoy role play, whether they want to be a police officer, firefighter or construction worker.  

“The combination of magnetic pieces with innovative clip-on accessories mean the sets have a high play value while retail prices remain sensible. For example, three of the sets contain 50 individual pieces and make over 50 different recommended models, ranging from rescue helicopters, to diggers, dump trucks, police vans and boats.”

The new sets also stay strong to Magformers’ guiding principles of being educational too. Every set contains magnetic triangles, squares, rectangles, super rectangles or isosceles triangles, so children can make 2D nets and 3D structures, learning about geometry and using mathematical language as they play.