Kosmos Games are in full colour

by TnP Staff
Published: 28 November 2018, 09:17
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Celebrating launch of Colour Monster at DAU Barcelona

Kosmos Games UK will be showcasing a brand-new title from Devir Games, The Colour Monster, at London Toy Fair – the game launched to much fanfare at DAU this weekend in Barcelona.  Anna Llenas, the author of the best-selling books on which the game is based, took part in a signing event on Sunday morning, alongside the game’s award-winning designers Dani G√≥mez and Josep M. Allué.

Featuring original art from Anna Llenas’ best-selling book series of the same name, The Colour Monster is a game for all ages. Based on a confused monster who’s unable to understand his own emotions until his friend – a little girl – helps by teaching him about them, the Colour Monster encourages children to talk about and understand their own feelings. Players must find different colours representing various feelings such as calm, anger, fear, sadness etc. As play progresses, they also have to find an object which can hold the feeling they’ve found, before they move on to talk about a time when they experienced that feeling themselves.

Commenting at the signing event on Sunday, Jo Drage, Sales Director at Kosmos Games UK said: “The Colour Monster is a wonderfully engaging game for children. We’re confident it will be popular with families who want to help promote positive mental health and as a tool for those children who perhaps find it hard to understand and talk about their feelings. The captivating artwork will appeal to all ages.”