New doll brand hitting retail

by TnP Staff
Published: 9 November 2018, 07:35
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I’m A Girly dolls are designed by kids

There is a new doll brand hitting the UK retail scene – I’m a Girly is the brainchild of Swiss entrepreneur Theresia Le Battistini and features a range of fashion dolls designed by kids, for kids. The dolls have been created with natural proportions and varying skin tones, encouraging inclusion and creative play for children up to early adolescence. 

Aimed at 4 to 16-year old girls and boys, each doll can have personalised hair colour and length, as well as a changeable wardrobe and accessories.

Children can customise their doll’s outfits and hair styles to suit current fashion trends and changing seasons. Every year, spring/summer and autumn/winter collections are released, with over different 150 accessories, giving children the opportunity to style their dolls in hundreds of variations.

The dolls are currently available to buy in Harrods and Hamley’s (London) and online throughout Europe. They are also available in Switzerland, Berlin, and as of 2019 plan to launch in Paris and New York.