Tomy style it out with KiiPix

by TnP Staff
Published: 6 November 2018, 08:55
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Will showcase product at Stylist Live

Tomy is bringing its smartphone picture printer KiiPix to Stylist Live at London Olympia this coming weekend.

Over the festival, visitors can expect to see KiiPix in action as they print instant retro style photos straight from their smartphone. Shoppers looking for the ultimate retro and photography themed gift for Christmas will also be able to purchase the product on stand for £39.99.

KiiPix is the innovative smartphone picture printer that allows users to instantly print their favourite photos straight from their smartphone to create lasting memories. KiiPix combines both the new and the old, as users capture and modify photos on their smartphones before instantly printing, retro style. 

The clever device works through pin-hole camera technology and does not require batteries, an app or Wi-Fi to use, unlike many modern instant cameras or photo-printing devices on the market. Users simply open up the device, place their smartphone on top, press the button and rotate the dial to print out their photo. The product’s compact design makes it easily portable allowing users to print their photos anytime, anywhere

Jorge Augusto, UK Brand Manager said: “Film photography is experiencing a renaissance as a new generation of consumers are falling in love with analogue camera equipment in this fast-paced world. KiiPix revisits the retro making smartphone printing as easy and accessible as possible whilst recapturing the joy of sharing pictures. Stylist Live is going to create huge brand awareness and will reach our target audience of millennials, students and young women during gifting season.”