Blizzard have a blast with Hasbro

by TnP Staff
Published: 6 November 2018, 08:48
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Overwatch fans celebrate new product reveals

Blizzard Entertainment announced a collaboration with Hasbro at BlizzCon 2018, the company’s celebration of games and esports, including three special reveals for Overwatchfans with Hasbro.

First up was the Nerf Rival Overwatch Mcree Edition blaster, the third blaster in the Nerf Rival Overwatch line-up. Designed in the style of McCree’s signature accessory in Overwatch, this blaster propels rounds at up to 90 feet per second, features a reactive hammer and spinning spur on the end of the handle, and includes a collectible die-cast replica McCree badge.

Also revealed was the Nerf Overwatch Microshots Series 1 assortment, featuring three miniature, collectable blasters styled after the accessories of Overwatch characters D.Va, Torbjörn, and Tracer. The Nerf Rival Overwatch and the Nerf Overwatch Microshots blasters will be available in the U.K. and Ireland starting early 2019 and preorders for the Nerf Rival Overwatch Mcree and Reaper Wight Edition blasters are now open at GameStop in Ireland.  

Blizzard Entertainment and Hasbro will also be teaming up to create the Overwatch Ultimates series of premium 6” action figures to bring the game’s iconic heroes to life. The Overwatch Ultimates Mercy figure is the first of this line to be revealed and will be available along with other characters in the UK and Ireland beginning Spring 2019.