Thames & Kosmos brings The Three ??? to the UK

by TnP Staff
Published: 30 October 2018, 06:34
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Germany’s most successful children’s crime series

KOSMOS, Sony Music Entertainment and Boxine are releasing toys, audio dramas and e-books for The Three ??? in English.

From this Autumn, Germany’s well-known and successful detectives, The Three ???, will also be solving their crimes in the UK. In October, the German publishing house KOSMOS will be launching the first of the detective gadget range through its UK office, Thames & Kosmos. At the same time, five of the first crime cases will be available as e-books and license partner Sony Music Entertainment will simultaneously release audio books on various streaming platforms. Boxine will finish off the choice of products with its Tonie boxes, which can be used to listen to the exciting tales.

The first release of detective gadgets from KOSMOS includes a Multi Spy Tool, Gangster Alarm and Listening Spy. In 2019 there will be further releases including a voice changer and a detective briefcase!

The Three ??? is one of the most successful crime series for children and adolescents in the world. Since 1964, Justus Jonas, Peter Shaw and Bob Andrews investigate thrilling cases and solve mysterious riddles. With 17.5 million books and 50 million audio books sold since then, the tales of the three detectives capture the imagination of boys and girls of all generations.

The audio drama success stories of the three detectives Justus, Peter and Bob, known as The Three ???, began in 1979 with Super-Parrot, under the label Europa/Sony Music Entertainment. Whilst the audio dramas were first available on vinyl, then on audio cassette and then on CD.

“Together with our partners Sony Music, we have carefully maintained the brand for centuries”, explains Matthias Kienzle, Sales and Marketing Director for KOSMOS. “Meanwhile, The Three ??? has become one of the best-known and most popular children’s brands in Germany. The next logical step is to therefore increase international marketing of the brand, too.”

The brand identity and the associated distribution of the detective toys in the UK is the work of the Thames & Kosmos. In addition, multilingual versions of the detective gadgets are available in 13 other European countries.

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