Smyths reveal must-have board games

by TnP Staff
Published: 19 October 2018, 07:42
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Top 15 list is out

Given that we are in board game season, Smyths has cleverly put together their own top 15 list of ‘must-have’ games for consumers.

In a press release, they say: “Board games are always a family favourite during the festive season and they really are fun for the whole family, get ready to experience some laughs and competitiveness.  Smyths Toys Superstores has kept it simple this year and put together a list of this year’s must haves for the season ahead, check them out below. Let the games begin!” 

So what board games do Smyths deem top choice for Christmas 2018?


Top 15 board games for Christmas 2018:

Jumanji the Game – Spin Master

Spy Code - Operation Escape – Smyths Exclusive

Don’t step in it - Hasbro

LOL Surprise Game with a Collectible - MGA

Monopoly Cheaters Edition – Hasbro

Hungry Hungry Hippos -Hasbro

5 Second Rule – University Games

Strictly Come Dancing – Ideal

Pull My Finger Game – Jakks

Watermelon Smash – Smyths Exclusive

Connect Four Shots – Hasbro

Mouse Trap – Hasbro

Chow Crown – Hasbro

Tic Tac Tongue –Smyths Exclusive

Buckaroo – Hasbro