Asmodee are bringing board games to you!

by TnP Staff
Published: 16 October 2018, 09:08
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Four-day live stream of the hottest new games from Spiel 2018 planned

Asmodee have announced details of their plans for a four-day live stream on Twitch from Spiel, the world’s biggest convention for all things board games which will take place in Essen from October 25th-28th.

After a successful first venture into streaming at the same event in 2017, the company’s Asmodee Entertainment division will be putting on an even bigger show this year in which they will spotlight a wide variety of the biggest and most anticipated products on the market.

The stream will run from 9am to 6pm (UK time) on each of the four days of the convention and will be hosted by presenter Becca Scott, of pop-culture website Geek & Sundry, and German Twitch streamer Fabian Kerngast. It can be found at

As well as showcasing established favourites like Splendor and Rory’s Story Cubes, the broadcast will feature a galaxy of new titles, including the exciting worldwide launch of Discover: Lands Unknown. The game casts players as characters stranded in the wilderness, struggling for fire, water and survival – and, as the first Unique Game from publisher Fantasy Flight Games, every single boxed copy of the game is guaranteed to have a mix of components, story elements and characters that is completely unique to every other copy in the world.

The stream will also be treated to an exclusive unboxing of the hotly anticipated upcoming 10thAnniversary Edition of Pandemic, the cooperative game of fighting against deadly diseases, with designer Matt Leacock.

Viewers will even be able to join in during certain games in special ‘Twitch Plays’ segments where the stream’s live chat can offer suggestions or vote on actions to take.

All of that plus a busy schedule of interviews, previews, game jams with renowned designers and more is set to make the Asmodee stream appointment viewing for anyone interested in the incredible breadth of exciting products across the ever-growing board games market.