IMC Toys launches Cry Babies Great Little Mummy campaign

by TnP Staff
Published: 28 September 2018, 07:00
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Campaign aims to inspire traditional role-play and supported with consumer promotion

IMC is introducing Great Little Mummy, a new brand campaign from Cry Babies which focuses on traditional play values and inspires little ones to love, nurture and care for their dolls, just like a real mummy cares for her baby.

The Great Little Mummy campaign launched yesterday, 27 September, and is supported with a dedicated TV spot, digital pre-roll campaign, along with broad influencer activity and PR programme.

The campaign is based on traditional role-play, where little ones are encouraged to show how they love and care for their Cry Baby dolls. The activity is supported with a competition to win one of 50 exclusive Cry Babies Unicorn dolls, not yet available in the UK. The consumer promotion is housed on Cry Babies new dedicated website and is designed for little ones to explore with parental guidance.

New this year is Dotty, Nala and Lady, bringing more styles to this special feature doll collection with their unique themed onesies!