Stax introduces new Hybrid range

by TnP Staff
Published: 14 September 2018, 07:03
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Now brings lights and sounds to construction play

Brandtraders has announced its latest addition to the STAX family - STAX Hybrid launching on 1 October. The LED light construction brick range now brings both light and sounds to construction play with sets spanning an assortment of animals, vehicles, and accessories.

Each set contains Light, Sound, and Connector STAX along with regular bricks to enable children to build and bring their creations to life. Animal themes include light-up eyes and recordings of real animal sounds, while the vehicles boast front, rear and cabin lights plus emergency lights (for emergency vehicles) combined with motor sounds and sirens.  Accessories include a light-up spinner and keyring, both fully customisable and at accessible price points to introduce consumers to, or further expand their collections of the Hybrid range.

STAX Europe CEO and Brandtraders owner, Arno Fluitman said: “As massive advocates of construction play, we wanted to bring a new dimension to building bricks.”

For sales information visit or call +31 88 0909396.