Plum welcomes Lil’ Monkey

by TnP Staff
Published: 2 August 2018, 10:11
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New distribution deal brings innovative range of climbing frames to retail

Plum has announced its newest distribution deal with Lil’ Monkey, bringing a range of new climbing frames to its offering.

The new Lil’ Monkey climbing frame range uses patented technology that makes the products easy to assemble, fold away and store. The use of polypropylene with glass fibre give these climbing frames extra strength; the reinforced plastic components can take up to 80kg in weight. Among the products are the Dome Climber and the Climb ‘n’ Slide Olympus (pictured), all of which are all tailored to fit around busy lifestyles.

“We strive to look for new exciting products and distribution deals expand our growing presence," said Plum Commercial Director, Paul Schaffer. "With the introduction of Plum Lil’ Monkey to our climbing frames range we are able to offer a more diverse product category. Being a family-run business, shaping the development of our younger generation by keeping children active through play is important to us. This is a strong message we share with the Lil’ Monkey Company making them the perfect edition to the Plum family.”

The unique range enables parents to fold out jungle gym-style apparatus within a matter of seconds. It’s safe and durable, easy to store, UV resistant and weatherproof. Ideal for play inside the house or outside in the fresh air, this easy to move equipment makes more time for uninterrupted active play.

To offer the same customer experience across all ranges Plum has set up three different avenues of distributions for the Lil’ Monkey: domestic, dropship and FOB.

For more information about the Lil’ Monkey range contact the Plum sales team on