Which! agree Grossman's Slime is safe

by TnP Staff
Published: 17 July 2018, 07:38
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Consumer rights champions Which! put slime through its paces and found that HGL's products hit the right spot

Consumer champions and expert reviewers – WHICH? today released their report on random product testing of slime.

WHICH? researchers tested 11 types of slime on the market from various retailers - out of these, only three passed the mandatory safety tests.

GOOPY SLIME from H. Grossman Ltd was one of these and the product was purchased at The Works.

HGL’s Managing Director Martin Grossman says: "I am not at all surprised by these results, there are lots of unsafe products out there, we make sure that our slime and putty is of a high standard, good quality and good play value".

The results will be available from WHICH? from today.