Play Visions acquires MegaFun USA brands

by TnP Staff
Published: 4 May 2018, 10:44
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Mega Marbles and Payaso Play Balls produce lines change hands

Play Visions Inc. has acquired a portion of MegaFun USA toy product lines, including select Mega Marbles toy products and, beginning in 2019, the Payaso brand of Play Balls.

In a deal secured with MegaFun USA, Play Visions Inc. will take over sales and distribution from 14 May 2018. MegaFun USA has been the distribution arm of the premier manufacturer in the toy and gift industry offering the highest quality glass toy marbles and PVC products such as play balls and hoppers.

“We believe that MegaFun USA’s collection of high-quality glass toy marbles and PVC play balls and hoppers will be a great addition to our roster of unique novelty items,” said Mark Chernick, President, Play Visions, Inc.

Donnamarie Senn, Acting CEO, MegaFun USA, added: “We are thrilled to have Play Visions keeping the ball rolling in the toy industry with Mega Marbles and Payaso product lines.”

Play Visions will be representing Mega Marbles and Payaso product lines at future toy industry shows along with their wide range of novelty items.

Additional information will be announced regarding the future distribution of bulk Mega Marbles polybags within the coming weeks.