Fundamentally Children partners with kids' charity

by TnP Staff
Published: 27 March 2018, 09:42
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Charity on board to help promote the company’s new #Fun4All campaign

Fundamentally Children is delighted to announce its partnership with the Theodora Children’s Charity for the new campaign - #Fun4All. The campaign aims to break down the barriers to play, making it accessible for all children. Launching in April, #Fun4All will showcase a range of products which help to overcome these barriers through expert articles on the leading consumer parenting site, social media promotion and more. And Theodora Children’s Charity is on board to help extend the reach of the campaign and work toward the shared goal of breaking down the barriers to play.

The Theodora Children’s Charity believes that all children deserve laughter and they work to improve the wellbeing of children in hospitals, hospices and specialist care centres by providing performers called Giggle Doctors, who bring fun and laughter to sick and disabled children. Find out more about their valuable work at The Giggle Doctor programme improves children’s experience of hospital and reduces stress and anxiety. The 25 Giggle Doctors visit over 33,000 children a year at 25 hospitals, three hospices and two specialist care centres.

As part of the campaign, Fundamentally Children will be offering a monthly prize bundle to one lucky reader. This bundle will also be duplicated, so that each of the products also goes to the charity to help with their amazing work. Amanda Gummer, MD and Founder of Fundamentally Children, commented: “Our last campaign reached 100,000 consumers and #Fun4All is set to go even further as we team with this fabulous charity to break down the barriers to play together. “

Theodora Children’s Charity added: “We are really pleased to be partnering with Fundamentally Children on the #Fun4All campaign to raise awareness of the power of play and how important it is for children. Our Giggle Doctors ensure that play, and all the benefits that come from it, are accessible to all children regardless of how unwell they are." If you’d like to get involved with the #Fun4All campaign, please do get in touch to find out more about the packages available.