Turbospoke speeds into Walmart

by TnP Staff
Published: 23 March 2018, 09:57
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New retail partnership sees the bike accessory brand secure major retail exposure in the States

Turbospoke is continuing its global retail expansion with a major roll-out to Walmart across the USA.

This high profile listing sees the Turbospoke Bicycle Exhaust System on sale in 1,500 Walmart locations, bringing the retail exposure for Turbospoke to its largest audience ever.

The Walmart launch also marks the official introduction of the all new Twin-Pipe Bicycle Exhaust System to the US, making it possible to have an exhaust on each side of a bike. The new Bicycle Exhaust System also features a louder Big-Bore exhaust pipe and three new Motocards giving up to six awesome engine sounds. New packaging with punchy graphics and a cut away end to display the exhaust pipe are designed to maximise in-store impact.

"We're delighted to announce Turbospoke's listing with Walmart, the world's best known and largest retailer," said Andrew Maxwell, International Director for Tomax Products. "It marks a strategic step forward for the brand, bringing the fun and excitement of Turbospoke to a whole new customer base.”

The Walmart retail expansion is mirrored in other territories too, where Turbospoke products are now listed with top retailers such as Big W, Kmart, and Smyths and Halfords in the UK, to name just a few. Turbospoke is also proudly aligned with global brands Honda and Hot Wheels, where Turbospoke Exhaust Systems are fitted directly to branded bicycles at source.

This latest news follows Turbospoke gaining its 4th consecutive year as the number one best selling Kid's Bicycle Accessory on Amazon.com, and also attracting the “Amazon's Choice" accreditation in early 2018.

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