Bush Baby World readies for US launch

by TnP Staff
Published: 26 February 2018, 10:20
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Excitement builds for North American launch with heavyweight marketing and retail campaigns in place

Golden Bear is gearing up for the launch of its hit collectables property Bush Baby World to the US market with the Walmart exclusive March launch of the line rebranded as Fur Babies World.

Moose Toys is distributing the range in the US and Canada, and the 5 March launch will be supported by heavyweight TV and digital marketing.

The plush range, with the unique wiggling eyes and wagging ears patented mechanism, is already a hit in the UK as the number one new plush property and the number two traditional plush property (NPD FY 2017).

“After selling out in 4 weeks from its July launch in the UK and with over 220,000 units sold through in only 16 weeks of being in stock in 2017, it’s fair to say we are really excited to see the US reaction to this unique collectible range, which has really captured the imagination of consumers,” said Golden Bear chairman John Hales. “This is one of the biggest success stories in the history of the company and this is demonstrated by our on-going commitment to the brand including a significant marketing budget for 2018 with the new additions being TV advertised throughout the year."

After debuting in the UK in July 2017, the international roll-out of Bush Baby World began in AW17 and will continue throughout 2018 with a total of 31 countries on board by the end of the year - with more in the process of being finalised. In 2018, the brand will be launching in: US, Canada, South Africa, France, Switzerland, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia, Israel , Netherlands, Belgium, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Spain, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Singapore.

Where appropriate for the local market, all countries will be launching with TV advertising on kids channels as well as digital marketing tailor-made for their territory.

The consumer website for the brand, www.bushbaby.world is being localised for each country to support the launches. In addition, an animated series of webisodes featuring the characters from the many regions of Bush Baby World will also be localised for use on the website and social media channels. There are currently 20 mins of content available featuring the core Dreamstar characters who live in The Dream Tree; Princess Melina of Shimmer Mountain and introducing the Blossom Babies from Blossom Meadow. Additional content is being produced to support the release of all new waves, which will include the Snowies of Snowflake Ridge and the Shimmies of Shimmer Mountain.