Gibsons relaunches Civilization with a bash

by TnP Staff
Published: 8 February 2018, 10:35
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Puzzle and games specialist brings modernised version of the classic game to retail this month

Gibsons is set to rerelease Civilization, the strategic game of competition between nations, this month, and to celebrate they're throwing a party.

The independent jigsaw puzzle and board game company, are hosting a launch night on Friday 2nd March to celebrate the re-release of the classic strategy game, Civilization.

Designed by legendary games inventor Francis Tresham and originally published in 1980, Civilization is a board game that pits players against each other in their quest to lead a nation to the pinnacle of development.

Although the rules stay true to Francis’s original, the 2018 edition of Civilization has had some aesthetic improvements. The game features enhanced artwork, a reworked box and a redesigned rules booklet – all of which are produced at the high quality expected from Gibsons. The components and player mats too have received a makeover, while very much maintaining the feel of the 1980s original.

The launch night will be the first opportunity for Civilization enthusiasts to experience the board game redesign, and there will be the chance to win a copy of the brand-new game. Hosted at the fantastic board game café, The Library Pot in Richmond, entry costs just £5 on the door which includes a drinks token and the first 25 guests will receive a Gibsons Goody Bag.

Guests are welcome to play the game with friends from 6pm and can take part in the Civilization Contest, which will run from 7pm-10pm. Players will spend the three hours leading their nation to advancement and the player who leads their nation the furthest will win a copy of the new game along with several other treats!

Nicki Gumbrell, Sales Director at Gibsons states, “Having spent many hours poring over the Civilization board in my younger years (it was our go to game for Boxing Day) I am really excited to be relaunching this great game back onto the UK market. Francis Tresham is a highly regarded name amongst serious gamers, so we have done very little to change the rules and game play; simply bringing the style and shelf appeal up to 21st Century expectations. Hopefully to be enjoyed by those who remember the original, and new players alike.”