Gibsons launches Pixit

by TnP Staff
Published: 7 February 2018, 09:44
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New quick-play game Pixit isheading to stores this March

Gibsons has launched a brand new, quick-play game called Pixit that urges players to create order out of chaos. 

Pixit consists of black and white cubes that are used to recreate the pixelated images that appear on the 46 different image cards. The game comes packaged in a smart box that replicates one of the cubes from the game

Highly addictive and simple to learn, Pixit is for ages six-plus and can be played alone, in pairs or in groups. For two players, the Head-to-Head Mode urges players to pile up their Pixit cubes, pick a card, and then twist, turn and tip their 16 cubes into place to be the first to recreate the pixelated image shown on the card.

Emily Charles, Product Development Manager at Gibsons, said: “Quick-play games have been a real success for Gibsons over the past year, with our TfL licensed card game Mind the Gap selling out just six months after its release in 2017. Pixit joins this range and the quirky design looks amazing when merchandised in-store. We urge everyone who plays to film their Pixit Play-off and share online with the hashtag #Pixitgame!”

Whether Pixit is played in teams, in pairs or as a solo activity, each mode is exceedingly addictive and gets tremendously tense as the Pixit cubes twist and turn. With each game taking between 15 and 30 minutes to play, it’s the perfect entertainment for a long journey or a cosy afternoon. For Solo play, create images as fast as possible against the clock, and the aim is to beat your best time! Alternatively, the Memory Mode is for 2–6 players, in which one player is the builder and must recreate the image as the other players guess what is being formed. Each player has only one chance to guess what is being built, and if a player guesses incorrectly, they are out for that round. The faster players guess, the more points they win!

Pixit is designed by games inventor David Mortimer, who said: “As a child in the 80s when the home-computer revolution was taking place, I was fascinated by the way binary pixel images were created for basic programming. I used to spend hours colouring in on graph paper to create the images for games I was programming. When I then had the Eureka moment of realising all sixteen 2x2 pixel combinations could be achieved on a six-sided cube, Pixit was born and I was once again frantically creating pixelated images for the cards!

“Gibsons were a perfect fit for a game of this type and they were the first company I approached about publishing the game. This proved to be a great choice as Emily and the rest of the team have done a fantastic job on the product design and bringing the game to the market.”

Retailers can pre-order Pixit now and will be available in-store from March 2018.