Ross's close shave for charity

by TnP Staff
Published: 29 January 2018, 11:14
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Drumond's Ross McDonald shaves head at Toy Fair to fundraise for charity close to his heart

Toy industry veteran Ross McDonald had a close shave with the hair clippers at Toy Fair last week to raise funds for a charity very near and dear to his heart.

Toy Fair 2018 marked 18 years since Ross's daughter was involved in a road traffic accident that left her with life limiting brain injuries. Over the years, Ross and his family have been supported by The Silverling Brain Injury Charity, which provides experiences for those suffering from brain trauma, and this year he had to go the extra mile to give back. 

"Crazy thing was, this wasn’t planned," says Ross. "It was 9.30pm Wednesday evening and we were in a taxi coming back to the hotel after dinner with the Vivid sales guys (several noted for their short or shaved heads). I was taking flak from them about my hair – and I do admit it was looking rather long and in need of attention – and that’s when it all got momentum.

"Dave Howard [Drumond Sales Director] was wearing a rather trendy (for him) hat, and he followed my around the hotel guests with me telling the story of my daughter and our involvement with the charity and him collecting cash donations. As midnight approached, Dave had over £550 cash and promises of a further £1000 (now paid). Jackie Davies from Hasbro dipped again into her pocket for the honour of using the clippers."

Ross had his head ceremoniously shaved but Team TnP would love to help him raise more funds for such a worthy cause.

Before and after!

"Over the years our family have been supported by The Silverlining brain injury charity," Ross adds. "So, that was what this was all about: raising much needed money for The Silverlining."

Contact Ross on to find out how you can help make a difference or visit to learn more about the organisation and its work.

In 2012 Heidi took part in a Virgin Active Indoor Triathlon raising £4100 with the help of the toy industry for The Silverlining.