Hasbro launches Monopoly CheatBot

by TnP Staff
Published: 17 January 2018, 10:57
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Players can now name and shame cheaters on Facebook Messenger

Monopoly cheaters had better watch their back as Hasbro launches a new Facebook Messenger Monopoly CheatBot to name and shame those pinching extra form the bank.

In a recent study of approximately 2,000 people, nearly 50 percent of respondents reported some form of cheating during Monopoly gameplay, including stealing money from the bank, moving a token across multiple spaces, making up fake rules, and more.

Today, Hasbro is launching a new way to solve the game’s cheating and questionable behaviour once and for all. The new Monopoly CheatBot, available 16 January to 16 February, will help settle game disputes and crack down on rule breaking with the help of Mr. Monopoly himself, who will dole out personalised consequences in real-time, such as going directly to Monopoly jail or paying a $200 fine in Monopoly Money.


“The cheating has gone on too long! With nearly one out of every two Monopoly players bending – or breaking – the rules, we knew it was time to put an end to the cheating, and what better way to reach our fans than by leveraging the innovative Facebook Messenger technology,” said Craig Wilkins, Marketing Director, Hasbro UK & Ireland. 

“With Monopoly CheatBot, we’re empowering fans to ‘report’ their family and friends for corrupt and questionable game play – with customised consequences to hopefully end Monopoly feuds for good.”

Starting today, fans can visit Facebook.com/Monopoly to report their friends and family to MR. Monopoly using Monopoly CheatBot. Fans can also join the conversation using #MonopolyCheater.