Dr Gummer authors chapter in new ITRA journal

by TnP Staff
Published: 17 January 2018, 10:57
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Fundamentally Children founder Amanda contributes to new journal published by the International Toy Research Association

Dr Amanda Gummer has brought her expertise to a new journal from the International Toy Research Association.

Her chapter in Toys and Communication is entitled Age Differences in the Use of Toys as Communication Tools. It explores the different ways in which toys facilitate communication opportunities as children grow and develop.

Toys and Communication brings together 15 scholars from education, anthropology, psychology, sociology, media and communication to examine the subject and was the topic of a conference by the association.

The journal fills a gap in current scholarship on toy research, as ITRA points out, there are few scholarly books about toys, and fewer that consider them in the context of culture and communication.

Dr Amanda Gummer, Founder and MD of Fundamentally Children, commented: “ITRA provides a great opportunity to bring together scholars from a wide range of backgrounds to explore the toy industry. Toys and Communication is a comprehensive overview of the subject, featuring some fascinating insight into how toys assist children in learning to communicate and I’m delighted to be featured.”

The International Toy Research Association’s next conference takes place in Paris in July, where Dr Gummer hopes to present the findings of her latest research on intergenerational play.