Fantasy launch for Re:creation

by TnP Staff
Published: 20 December 2017, 10:09
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Re:creation to distribute Cepia's fantasy toy range Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magical Wands in UK

The unique, interactive magic of the Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magical Wands range currently taking the US by storm is set to cross the Atlantic in 2018 thanks to an agreement between Re:creation Ltd and brand owner Cepia.

Re:creation Ltd will be the exclusive UK distributor of these much sought-after toys, which enable children to unlock magical adventures with the help of an animated dragon or dragon princess host who ‘lives’ inside each wand.

Jonathan Kirkley, Sales & Marketing Director, Re:creation Ltd explains said: “Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magical Wands have the real wow factor. The highly detailed animation and exciting interactions will capture children’s imaginations as they discover a whole new world with their magical host. 

“Every detail of this brand has been considered. Along with well thought out, innovative product - packaging, in-store merchandising and online assets are so intricately designed and engaging they draw the consumer in to a world of enchantment like never before. We are delighted to be chosen to open up this incredible new world to fans in the UK and look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with our friends at Cepia.”

Children are guided by their wand host, either a magical dragon or dragon princess, and cast spells through sequenced swishing and flicking of the wand to befriend mystical creatures and battle foes. Two separate, high-quality LCD screens on the wands deliver full colour, animated action that will immerse children in the interactive, imaginative play for a uniquely engaging and confidence building experience. Related accessories allow children to expand play, increase the number of mystical creatures inside the wand, show children more magic spells and enhance battle play. 

Russell Hornsby, CEO of Cepia, said: “Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards bring magic to life but the power is really in the hands of the children. The magic is in their hands as they cast spells, befriend mystical creatures, and battle their enemies. There are hundreds of interactions and spells that they can experience.”

Re:creation Ltd will launch the Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards Magical Wands range in the UK this summer. The line-up will incorporate a collection of both Princess Dragon Wands and Battle Dragon Wands in a range of characters as well as an exciting selection of playsets and accessories new for 2018.

For more information please contact Re:creation Ltd,, 0118 973 6222.