Maps Toys inks shocking deal!

by TnP Staff
Published: 18 December 2017, 10:19
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Company adds Electroniks' Circuit Scribe to its STEM portfolio in exclusive UK deal

Maps Toys has unveiled that it is bringing the expanded range of unique Circuit Scribe STEM kits from Electroninks to the UK market.

Circuit Scribe is based on a pen that will literally let kids draw lightning bolts - no more need for a rat's nest of wires to build and demonstrate electrical circuitry. It uses a non-toxic conductive silver ink so that pen and paper can simply and quickly provide hands-on experience at home or in school to introduce the fundamentals of electricity from switches and light-up circuits to motorised constructs.

For experienced users the magnetic modules can be used for more advanced activities that allow Circuit Scribe creations to be incorporated into Arduino, Rasberry Pi or Makey Makey projects as a means to introduce logic circuitry and coding.

The Circuit Scribe kits that allow kids to turn ordinary paper into power-conducting creations continue a theme of creative STEM products that Maps Toys has cultivated over the past decade. In 2018 a new make-your-own drone kit will further enhance this range, which both educates and stretches the imagination of both children and adults alike.

Maps Toys will be showing this new exciting range in the Trend Gallery at the Nuremberg Toy Fair and at its booth at A-04-2 in Hall 12.