John Adams sends competitor to World Othello Championships

by TnP Staff
Published: 3 November 2017, 10:12
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Scottish Othello fan Robyn Youens joins team Great Britain at the event courtesy of John Adams

John Adams recently partnered with The Week Junior Magazine to ask young fans of Othello to enter a competition to win a trip to the World Othello Championship.

Readers who answered the Othello based puzzle correctly were shortlisted and the final winner was chosen based on their strategic thinking and the rationale behind their moves.

The John Adams sponsored winner attending the champs this year is 10 year old Robyn Youens from Scotland. Robyn, who is currently at the champs with her mum, completes a team of five Great British hopefuls of all different ages.

Lynette Norris, Marketing Manager at John Adams Leisure, said: “John Adams has been sponsoring the young Othello competitor for a couple of years now. The Othello World Championship is growing in popularity every year and it’s great to be giving the UK a bigger opportunity to shine on the world stage. Last year’s winner had a brilliant time and we knew we’d like to extend the invite to another young hopeful this year. We wish Robyn lots of luck for the next few days and look forward to hearing all about her adventure."

John Adams' support of the Othello competition follows last weekend's sponsorship of the Rubik's Speedcubing UK Championship.