Spooktacular range from Tobar

by TnP Staff
Published: 22 August 2017, 08:55
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Gear up for Halloween with a huge range of scarily good toys and gifts

Halloween is closing in, and Tobar has a full range of spooky and quirky toy and gifts to keep everyone happy.

Celebrate Halloween in style this year with the spooky Zombie and Skeleton Socks, or create a home laboratory with the colour mix bubble kit - kids can eExperiment with different colours and create potions of bubble liquid.

Perfect for trick-or-treaters, Bug Pops are fruit flavoured lollypops that come with a special surprise of ants or a mealworm - a trick and a treat in one! These freaky Clockwork Horrors figures are perfect for Halloween. Wind up the toy and watch the vampire and witch run, while the skeleton moves super slowly!

Horror Heads are liquid filled monsters that bulge and ooze when squeezed. Watch it expand in a comical fashion when it’s squished – terrifyingly fun. And no Halloween would be complete without Faker Blood. Perfect for costumes and playing pranks, apply it straight to skin or clothes to scare and shock  family and friends!