Flair to host Grossery Gang movie screening

by TnP Staff
Published: 28 July 2017, 10:02
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Toy company will host big-screen debut for Moose Toy's Putrid Power for fans and social influencers in London

GP Flair is to host a private movie screening of the new Grossery Gang Movie, Putrid Power for fans and influencers. The event, which takes place on 1 August 2017 at the Courthouse Hotel’s Movie Suite in London, will coincide with other screenings in Los Angeles and Melbourne.

Since launching in 2016, The Grossery Gang has captured the imagination of children around the world. With a range of over 450 characters released to date, some of the rotten but lovable characters include Garbage Mouth, Dirty Danish and Slop Bucket.

In Putrid Power, fans will be treated to a gripping story of The Grossery Gang taking on the new evil force known as the Clean Team. With Cheap Town now under the terrible threat of being cleaned up for good by the evil Vac Attack and his team of clean freaks, Putrid Pizza, Dodgey Donut and the rest of the gang must band together to fight the power of clean; to save themselves from getting mopped up by the baddies.

In celebration of the movie’s general release on YouTube this week, the Flair team has created a one- off full cinema experience which will include gross activities such as slime unlucky dips, and truth or slime, in the presence of the life-size Grossery Gang characters who will be walking the green carpet. Guests will include kids and parents who have been selected from hundreds of applicants, plus bloggers and child Youtubers, who will report back on the event.

Anne Marie Noon, Boys Marketing Manager, GP Flair said: “We are really looking forward to joining Moose in this Movie celebration.  When we heard that special screenings were taking place in LA and Melbourne, we knew we had to arrange the same for UK fans. The release of the movie is also perfect for the retail launch of the brand new Grossery Gang series, and will add a whole new aspect to our extensive TV advertising and PR strategy.”

For more information about the Grossery Gang please call Flair on 0208 643 0320 or email sales@flairplc.co.uk.