Tiana gets Enchantimals makeover

by TnP Staff
Published: 17 July 2017, 08:00
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Mattel creates special one-off Enchantimals doll for top YouTuber Tiana from Toys AndMe

Mattel has created a one of a kind doll of top kids’ YouTuber Tiana Toys AndMe to celebrate the launch of the exciting new animal friendship inspired property Enchantimals.

The partnership was brought to life on Tiana’s channel and encourages kids to celebrate friendship, and help to build compassion for all living things while they play. The new brand introduces girls to new dolls who share a special bond with their animal friends.

The partnership launched with Tiana embarking on a giant egg hunt in a forest where she discovered her very own bespoke Enchantimal doll, complete with its own loveable furry bunny friend. The whimsical small 6-inch Tiana doll has rooted hair much like the YouTube star herself, and was presented in its own personalised Enchantimals Box. The doll also features an adorable rainbow-themed skirt inspired by the Toys AndMe’s signature logo, and includes its own cloud logo-themed doll stand to display her and her animal bestie. Tiana’s video unveiling the  first ever doll has been viewed almost one million times.

Wendy Hill, Brand Activation Director Mattel UK said: “We couldn’t wait to create Tiana in miniature as an Enchantimals doll, honouring Tiana as a special member of the Enchantimals world – and of course to create her own animal bestie! Tiana’s enthusiasm and excitement for her special doll and the new range helps bring the brand to life in a magical way for kids.”

Continuing the momentum of the Enchantimals launch, Toys AndMe released a YouTube video unboxing and unveiling the new Enchantimals and features core characters Felicity Fox and Flick, Bree Bunny and Twist, Patter Peacock and Flap, Sage Skunk and Caper along with a host of other animal-inspired friends from the range.

The range includes the Doll + Animal Friend Assortment each with different soft goods, fashions and adorable animal cues that match their furry friends. Much like the one of a kind Tiana doll each Enchantimal features their own unique accents like feather-inspired wings for Patter Peacock doll, a black and white striped furry tail for Sage Skunk doll and fox ears for Felicity Fox doll.

This enchanting new world of Enchantimals also includes themed packs for story inspiration, a mischievous monkey-themed Enchantimals Fruit Cart Doll Set and an Enchantimals Playhouse Panda Set featuring a side by side swing, nest shaped lifts, bestie bunk beds and two toilets.

The exciting new range is further supported by a YouTube, Instagram and PopJam accounts, as well as www.enchantimals.com allowing kids to follow along on the Enchantimals journey. Enchantimals is supported with an extensive marketing and retail programme including TV spots, Digital, PR, events, influencer partnerships and girls’ press partnerships.