Jumbo launches Dessineo ‘Learn to Draw’

by TnP Staff
Published: 6 July 2017, 08:00
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New product teaches kids to draw and has already attracted awards nominations

Jumbo Games has just launched its Dessineo ‘Learn to Draw’ educational learning aid that teaches kids how to draw, rather than just tracing an image.

The Dessineo drawing aid teaches children how to draw in four simple steps: basic outline, adding elements to the basic outline, adding detail, completing the picture on the stencil. It has already been nominated for several popular consumer awards that will be unveiled shortly.

“We are really excited to have launched our brand new educational focused toy and bring something new and innovative to the market” said Stewart Middleton, Managing Director at Jumbo Games. “Dessineo is a really great way to make artistic learning fun for young children and we feel it will be a big hit with budding young artists and parents in the UK!

There are three increasing levels of drawings for children to practice with and children will grow in confidence and ability to draw more shapes and pictures. Dessineo features a light up projector that when turned on creates a perfect outline of the stencil shown on the transparent picture discs, to make it simpler to draw accurately around the lines while enlarging the picture on the stencil by more than 200 per cent. 

Dessineo provides children with simple shapes as a stencil and a wide variety of entertaining drawings such as animals, vehicles, fantasy characters, buildings and more. There are 10 sheets of A4 drawing paper that are already pre-printed with inspiring backgrounds such as an underwater theme for the fish template, an outer space theme for the rocket ship and a festively decorative background for the Father Christmas template – or children can use their imagination and mix & match the pictures to the different backgrounds, by using black A4 paper. There are also over 30 additional templates that parents can download for their kids. 

Everything can be easily stored inside the drawing board by lifting up the transparent lid, so the little ones can take it with them wherever they go. Dessineo is suitable for children aged four-plus.