Jungle boogie for Gund

by TnP Staff
Published: 26 May 2017, 09:13
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New range of super soft Jungle Friends and Twisty Tongue Giraffe toys launches

Gund has unveiled further additions to its plush ranges with a selection go soft toys themed to the Savannah.

Launching this summer is Twisty Tongue Twister Giraffe. A cute and cuddly creature, the giraffe stands at 33.0cm tall and displays its animal print spots in warm browns and yellows, set on a super soft fabric. A quirky character, Twisty Tongue Twister Giraffe is more than just a cuddle-companion, as it will play popular tongue twisters for children to learn and help develop their speech. Marked with the CE label, it’s suitable for children of all ages.


Following on the theme of animals you might expect to see in the Savannah, Gund has also launched its new collection of Jungle Friends. Items include rattles, activity toys that can be used as a comfort blanket, a puppet, stacker set, bowling set and, of course, a range of soft toys perfect for snuggling.

An ideal gift for young children and babies, or soon-to-be-parents starting a family — animals depicted within the Jungle Friends range include giraffes, elephants, monkeys and more. Each animal has a friendly face and is featured using a muted-tone colour palette, while being soft and gentle to touch.

Both Twisty Tongue Twister Giraffe and the Jungle Friends range are available to purchase from Gund.