Tobar launches new RC lines

by TnP Staff
Published: 18 May 2017, 09:00
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Action-packed RC Street Trooper Scorpion hits stores this June

Tobar is gearing up for the June launch of the brand new RC Street Trooper Scorpion.

The fierce remote controlled three-wheeler bike is all the rage right now with its rising tail and compact dart launcher! With just a touch of a button, the Street Trooper Scorpion can shoot up to five soft-tipped darts at any opposing target. Press the transform button again to return to bike mode.

The RC Street Trooper Scorpion joins Tobar’s fantastic range of REC toys, including the Desert Rebel Volkswagen Beetle. This funky RC car is designed to look like a 1951 Volkswagen Beetle with its chunky off-road wheels that feature both front and rear suspension for better performance off the track - the tough but lightweight vac-formed body means it can be quite nippy!

Visit for more information or call 01603 397 105.