Epoch steers Cars 3 Aquabeads into retail

by TnP Staff
Published: 4 May 2017, 08:14
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The crafty and creative licensed playsets will launch this June

Epoch making toys has several exciting new licensed products available in its Aquabeads range including the Disney Pixar Cars 3 Aquabeads Playset launching this June.

The Disney Pixar Cars 3 Playset is brilliant for car lovers and Aquabeads fans. This product comes with over 1000 coloured beads, a layout tray, multiple templates and a spray. The templates feature the popular characters including hotshot racer Lightning McQueen and new speedster Cruz Ramirez. They can be used repeatedly, making them ideal for children with big imaginations and creative minds who want to create their own cool designs.

Yuki Otsuka, Marketing Manager at Epoch making toys, said: “We’re delighted to announce the release of our new Disney Pixar Cars Playset. Children can recreate some of their favourite characters from the original films, and it’s great for creative children with a passion for cars and racing.”

Aimed at crafty, creative kids between the ages of four and 10, there are now three varieties of Aquabeads: Solid Beads, Jewel Beads and the newly released Polygon Beads. The colourful beads are perfect for those who want creative fun without the mess of glue. Simple and easy to use, you just arrange the beads into a pattern on the specially designed layout tray, spray with water and they dry in seconds. Aquabeads are a great activity for a younger child and parent to do together, or for slightly older children to make on their own.