Zimpli the best

by TnP Staff
Published: 3 May 2017, 09:17
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Slime Blaster from Zimpli Kids picks up Buyers Choice Award at ECRM show in Chicago ahead of launch

Zimpli Kids’ new Slime Blaster has picked up its second award of the year - and it hasn’t even launched at retail yet!

The Slime Blaster was awarded a Best New Outdoor Toy Award at Toy Fair in January, and this month The Slime Blaster picked up first place in the Buyers Choice Award category at the ECRM show in Chicago.

Eejay Enyi, Sales Director at Zimpli Kids, said: “We expected the Slime Blaster to be popular, however the response we have received so far has been phenomenal. We are confident that the Slime Blaster will be the hottest product this summer – step aside water guns, it’s slime time!”

The Slime Blaster is the perfect addition to Zimpli Kids’ exciting outdoor range. Kids simply load the Slime Blaster Gun Tank with water, add the pre-measured magic Slime powder, shake to make the gooey slime, then fire. Each Slime Blaster comes with enough powder for 200-plus slime shots, and just like the entire product range the Slime Blaster powder is stain free, non toxic, environmentally safe and non irritant.

For more information on the Slime Blaster, email sales@zimplikids.com.