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by TnP Staff
Published: 28 April 2017, 09:16
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Hasbro unveil OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure at Beijing and Guangzhou Midnight Sales Event

TRANSFORMERS fans rejoice! One of the biggest TRANSFORMERS products of 2017 has been revealed at the Beijing and Guangzhou Midnight Sales Event—the OPTIMUS PRIME MPM-4 figure, the latest figure from the MASTERPIECE MOVIE SERIES line.

The figure was enclosed in a special glass window display, and fans were given the opportunity to take photos with it at this exclusive unveiling.

Co-created by Hasbro and Tomy, the figure converts from robot to classic truck mode and features eye-catching detail, articulated fingers and an interchangeable mask – perfect for fans and collectors alike.

Aim at fans aged eight years and up, the figure is due for release in the US in summer 2017.