Yvolution Neon a Gadget Show highlight

by TnP Staff
Published: 7 April 2017, 08:25
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The Gadget Show presenters said Yvolution’s hoverboard accessory was the best thing they saw at this year’s New York Toy Fair

Yvolution is celebrating after its NEON Kart reached the top spot in The Gadget Show’s round up of this year’s New York Toy Fair.

Aired on Channel 5 last Friday, 31 March, the programme reviewed all the best tech toys found at New York Toy Fair. Rated best in show was the Neon Kart, an amazing piece of kit that converts any Hoverboard into an automated go-kart. Viewers were able watch presenter Georgie Barrat try the Kart out at the North American International Toy Fair before bringing it back to the UK studio where she and Craig Charles were filmed whizzing around! They had so much fun that they named it the best of all they’d had seen on their visit to the Big Apple in February.


Padraig Bracken, Global Marketing Manager at Yvolution said: “This piece on The Gadget Show was the icing on the cake for an excellent show season for us. Our NEON Collection is high priority for us and the NEON Kart represents the height of the innovation we put into our products. What better way to get even more out of Hoverboard!”

For more information about the Neon range and other great wheeled toys from Yvolution, visit out www.yvolution.com and www.neonlyghts.com.