Tomy launches Ania Animals

by TnP Staff
Published: 2 March 2017, 10:11
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New animal brand features figures with up to five points of articulation and habitat playsets

Tomy has added Ania Animals to its ever-growing portfolio following huge success for the brand in Japan.

The new range will appeal to animal-loving, adventurous kids as they collect creatures from around the globe to explore the arctic, ocean, forest, grasslands, and prehistoric age. Ania offers kids the chance to experience ‘Adventures in Motion’ as each animal features one to five points of articulation - mouth, legs, wings, tail, fins, head and neck – meaning each animal moves like its real life counterpart.

Ania kids are not just animal lovers, they are also explorers and adventurers who, through Ania’s themed ranges and playsets, can live out their wildlife adventures…all within the palm of their hand. There are over 30 animals available to collect in the 2017 range as well as a number of different themed adventure sets of animals’ native habitats. The adventure sets come complete with articulated animals and a detailed play environment.

“We are very excited to announce the launch of Ania Animals to the UK, a nation of animal lovers! The new range will appeal to adventurous pre-schoolers and with its affordable price point is sure to be a hit with parents alike,” said Camilla MacQueen, UK Brand Manager, Tomy. “We hope to replica the huge success Ania has had for Tomy in Japan in the UK market and are confident that we can do so with the full strength of our PR and marketing team behind the brand to ensure a strong opening performance.”

The brand will officially launch in A/W and will be supported by Tomy with an integrated marketing and PR campaign including support across digital and social platforms, editorial promotions and partnerships. The brands in-store presence will be enhanced with merchandising solutions for key retailers.