Cool weekend for Eduk8

by TnP Staff
Published: 14 February 2017, 09:42
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The company’s Belly Bump Balls will be reviewed on CITV’s Scrambled! this weekend and be judged cool to ice cold!

Eduk8 can’t wait for the weekend, as its best-selling Belly Bump Balls will be featured on CITV show Scrambled! on Saturday morning, 18 February. 

The product will be reviewed in The Fridge, a weekly feature that sees the presenters take it in turns to show something cool that they’ve found, before rating it from cool, to cooler, coolest or ice cold!

After the product has been shown on the programme, a poll goes up on ITV’s website so that viewers can have their say too. The Eduk8 team is naturally aiming for Ice Cold – and they have revealed that their ITV sources tell us that the presenters have already had a lot of fun trying them out! 

Belly Bump Balls are a fantastic way for children and adults to have fun and be active at the same time. Once inside the inflatable Balls, you can start to bump, bounce and bop your way to physical fitness, with a great deal of laughter guaranteed along the way. They’re great for balance, friendly competitive activities, and developing coordination skills for all ages. The junior belly bump ball measures 54cm and is suitable for children from age three to eight years. The larger balls measure 92cm and are suitable from ages six to 106.