Tomy unveils new-look Toomies

by TnP Staff
Published: 6 February 2017, 10:09
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Toddler and Bath range gets a refresh with vibrant new branding and new product launches

Tomy is set for a huge year in 2017 as it unveils a bold new brand identity for its well-known toddler and bath range Toomies.

Toomies will leverage on Tomy’s strong reputation, innovation, and 90 years’ experience in the toddler and bath sector. The range will also be supported with an integrated marketing strategy, exciting new product launches and eye-catching packaging. Each toy features quirky characters and hidden surprises, specially designed to celebrate the sheer joy of play while encouraging shared playtime between children and parents.

Tomy’s top selling Foam Cone Factory was a winner in the bath category last year, generating over £1 million in its first full year and contribuing to 22% growth of the category according to NPD. The information company’s figures also reported that Tomy’s Octopals was the ninth best-selling bath toy last year and Fountain Rocket number 12, having increased sales by 50.8%.

“We are thrilled to unveil the new Tomy Toomies branding in 2017, which captures the ‘hands on fun’ at the heart of Tomy toys,” said Camilla MacQueen, Brand Manager at Tomy. “Children naturally learn and develop through play, so we will continue to focus on fun and feature rich toys that encourage shared play and keep kids playing and engaging longer.”

Looking ahead Tomy will continue to further its success as the number one retailer in the bath category with three new feature rich toys: Bubble Blast Train, Spin & Splash Jelly Fish and Sandy The Sea Lion.

Once the bubble mix is in Bubble Blast Train, kids can pull the lever to make bubbles. Use Captain Seagull as a pouring cup and twist the yellow lever to release the water from the bottom of the train. Have a bubble-tastic bathtime with Toomies and the Bubble Blast Train.

Set Sandy the Sea Lion going by pressing the button on his back and watch him bob and rock along. Place the ball on Sandy's nose and he spins the ball all on his own! Join in Sandy's show and fling the ring, can you get it round his neck in a single throw? Sandy is one cheeky sea lion who loves to put on a show for parent and baby at bathtime.

Tomy's new toy Spin & Splash Jellyfish is perfect splashing fun for bath time and in the paddling pool! Simply dip the Jellyfish underwater to fill it up and hold it high above your head to see the tentacles spin around and splash water. This toy will add endless fun to bath time and is perfect for getting your little ones used to the water.  

The new toys join Shake & Sort Cupcakes, Sort and Pop Spinning UFO, Mr Shopbot, and the Pic n Pop Ball Blaster.

Tomy Toomies will be supported with a 360 marketing plan with support across digital and social channels, TV and online video, in-store merchandising initiatives and eye catching display units to support its six new product launches and the rebrand.