Big news for Mini Hornit

by TnP Staff
Published: 1 February 2017, 09:58
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New distribution partners for Hornit’s bike and scooter accessory in Germany, China and Australia

Hornit has secured a number of new international distribution partnerships for Europe, China and Australia for its kids’ bike and scooter accessory, the Mini Hornit.

With 25 different sounds effects, lights and a remote trigger, the Mini Hornit comes in four different colours, and is already off to a good start in all its new markets.

Germany will be a relatively new market for Hornit in 2017, with long-term plans ahead. Trend Alliance has teamed up with the company on an exclusive basis to professionally hit the toy and cycle market in Germany and surrounding countries. The company has  a fantastic team, loyal customer base and has already pre-sold some great volumes into the German market. Co-Owners Roland and Roman have gone above and beyond to get everything rolling for 2017, including showing Hornit product at all the major shows!

Hornit Sales Director Ian Ham & Hornit MD Tom De Pelet with Trend Alliance co-Owners Roland Richter and Roman Walcher

Yoobie Toys has taken exclusive distribution rights for China. A brilliantly proactive Chinese toy distributor that focuses on western brands, the company pre-sold its first shipment before it even arrived! The team also helped Hornit with all the relevant Chinese testing requirements, including CCC, and booked the product into all up and coming trade shows in China. The company also works with Wow and Galt Toys.

Australia is a big market to crack and finding the right distributor can be difficult. LTC Agencies came forward with a fresh direction for Hornit in the Australian market. Owner Luke Callen loves the product and his customer base fits perfectly with the brand. Luke works with a wide range of customers, from small boutique stores to the big chains. A great start is already underway, with all the Australian toy shows booked.

Stock is available now from all new distributors. For more information contact