New Vivid partnership takes off

by TnP Staff
Published: 5 January 2017, 09:39
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Teamed with Skyrocket for expansion into drones and VR markets

Vivid is making moves into the drone and VR markets in a new partnership with Skyrocket, which will see Vivid bring the US company’s Sky Viper Drones and VRSE VR Gaming to the UK for A/W 2017.

Vivid has an established relationship with Skyrocket as UK distributors of its Real Baking ranges and the hugely successful Chocolate Pen. With huge investment planned into software and proprietary components across the company’s electronic consumer product lines, the new ranges from Skyrocket will enable Vivid to gain significant in-roads within both the toy and the consumer electronics market.

Multi award-winning in the US, the Skyrocket Sky Viper Drone range has already received major industry accolades including TOTY Finalist 2016, Walmart Toy of The Year 2016, Toy R Us Fab 15 listing and Target Top Toys 2016. The VRSE Virtual Reality gaming system brings VR to the market with accessible mass market price points, rich and immersive VR experiences, and free digital content downloads with licensed and original IP offerings.

“This collaboration is a huge opportunity for Vivid going into 2017,” said Mary Wood, Marketing Director at Vivid. “The market for drones has increased exponentially over the last year and Skyrocket’s Sky Viper range takes it to the next level introducing live streaming, racing, battling and hotly anticipated link to video gaming. VR is a growth area offering us the opportunity to expand our portfolio with the latest in VR gaming technology. This is an exciting time for the company and we look forward to further announcements going into 2017.”