Cartamundi unveils Fundels

by TnP Staff
Published: 28 September 2016, 10:04
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Fresh and exciting new range of educational card games brings together play and learning for kids

Cartamundi has unveiled a new range of fun and excitement educational card games called Fundels.

Heading to retail from January 2017, the new Fundels educational card games range takes the fact that our brains are 68% more active when we are having fun, and adapts it to a series of card games that offer loads of fun as well as learning.

The Fundels range combines entertaining and colourful games and packaging with themes like language, conceptual thinking and mathematics. How? Well, imagine learning to draw in a quick and easy way, by using 10 tools that everyone knows: the numbers 0-9. Or recognising and writing letters directly onto cards with an erasable marker that lets you start again. Or learning the value of numbers through a fast-paced and exciting game. Fundels lets kids do all that — and more.

Marco van Haaften, International Marketing Director, Cartamundi Services NV, said: “We set ourselves the challenge of bringing together the world’s favourite game format with ways to play that offer both fun and learning. With Fundels we have achieved that aim — in a way that will delight little learners and parents alike!”

At its launch, Fundels will offer four games across three educational themes, each with its own colour. The flagship premium games add to the fun of the card-playing experience with markers, dice and special wipe-clean cards for writing, all packaged in highly robust cases that are easy to carry and store. A pocket money-priced standard version will also be available. All games are aligned with the UK national curriculum, so kids can benefit in the classroom from the fun they're having at home.

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