Have a spooktacular Halloween

by TnP Staff
Published: 15 September 2016, 10:08
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Tobar unveils brand new and best-selling lines for this year’s fright night

Tobar has highlighted some of its best-selling and brand new items for Halloween, with plenty of time to stock up and get ready for the annual celebration of freaky fun.

Brand new is the Bendy Spider, a spider with bendy legs that gives a frighteningly good impression of a tarantula, with rough texture and colour shading. Also new is the Sticky Splatter Zombie, a liquid filled zombie that splats against surfaces when thrown. Kids will love to watch it bulge and expand in comical fashion when it’s squeezes to death!

Among the best-sellers, the Glow in the Dark Stretchy Skeleton is a classic. Not just a toy, but a great spooky decoration, this glow in the dark figure can be pulled in all directions and used for some ghoulish glowing.

Test Tube Slime is filled with colourful slim and creatures. Available in four colours, this best-selling line is sure to provide shivers. A Halloween staple, best-selling Flapping Bat has a wind-up elastic mechanism, which can be wound up by hand and released to flap through the air.

Visit www.tobar.co.uk for more information.