Hasbro lets rip with new Beyblade range

by TnP Staff
Published: 19 February 2016, 10:40
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Will relaunch the popular collectable-battling toy range alongside new TV series and digital content

Hasbro has announced plans to let it rip and relaunch Beyblade - in partnership with Sunlights and D-rights - with an all-new TV series, toy range, and other licensed consumer products.

A new range of Beyblade toys will be distributed in North America by Hasbro later this year, followed by a wider, international release in 2017. Branded as Beyblade Burst, the new toy range will feature a ‘burst’ element as well as folding in digital content and interaction in key markets. 

This is the third generation of toys that Hasbro will back, having been the toy licensee in 1999 and 2008. 

“We are thrilled to continue our longstanding relationship with the Beyblade franchise for the launch of the new ‘Beyblade Burst’ line,” says Jerry Perez, senior vice president, marketing, Hasbro. “The innovative battling play of the burst component, along with the exciting new series, will help make this property a favourite for Beyblade fans.”

Sunrights, the North America-based entertainment arm of Japanese D-Rights, will handle the distribution of broadcast, non-toy lines and promotional rights for Beyblade Burst outside of Asia. Sunlights will also look to partner with companies across broadcast, video games and other merchandise. 

The new Beyblade Burst animated series is completely reimagined by production company OLM, with new characters, stories and battles. A new TV series will launch in Japan this April followed by other markets later this year.