Science4You sales double in 2015

by TnP Staff
Published: 21 December 2015, 09:41
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The educational toy company is poised for further growth, with sales rocketing past €10m in 2015 following UK launch

After launching in the UK at the beginning of 2015, educational toy company Science4you has had a phenomenal year with sales doubling to more than €10 million. 

The Portugal-based company’s entry into the UK market in 2015 has been fundamental to its European growth. Brand new packaging and a partnership established with the University of Oxford have also played very important roles in its visibility and growth.

Science4you is an educational toy company that aims to improve the education standards of children worldwide, with focus on the European market. The company was founded in 2008 in Portugal and over the last seven years has grown to be one of the biggest companies in the Portugal toy market. In recent years, Science4you has also expanded into Spain and other European markets.

The Educational Kits provided by Science4you are unique in the arts and craft market. Every product includes an educational book with information about the experiments that children can perform and extensive scientific facts behind every toy, ensuring education as well as providing hours of fun for children. 

With manufacturing in Portugal, Science4you is able to offer small order quantities and deliveries within one or two weeks of ordering, while also offering prices that are competitive with China FOB costs.

Science4you is truly committed to maintain its growth in the European market and to continue providing children with fun while learning. Currently the UK represents the most important market to Science4you and to achieve this the company have the support of John Harper, former Hasbro’s Europe CEO, and Mike Barrat, former Sales Manager at Mattel. These two veterans of the toys and games industry are supporting Science4you in its expansion in the UK market, which is the major focus over the next few years.