Playing the numbers game

by TnP Staff
Published: 7 April 2014, 10:30
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Numeracy games from Learning Resources turn financial awareness into fun!

With a range packed full of numeracy games and activities, Learning Resources can help early years and primary aged children build up their maths skills. From telling the time to fractions, patterning and encouraging financial awareness, there’s a resource for any stage of development.

Pocket Money Bingo (pictured) is an engaging way to encourage financial awareness which is suitable for the whole family to play. Players develop coin recognition and also develop a sense of the value of money as they total up different amounts across two levels of play. Familiar pocket money items feature and the first player to cover three objects in a row is the winner.

Children learn about buying and giving change with new shopping game Buy it Right. This family board game uses realistic looking play coins and notes to encourage money recognition. Players set prices, buy and sell items, make change and learn place value to develop a sense of financial awareness.

Valuable money skills are in the bag with Money Bags Coin Value Game. Players collect money for completing household chores, before counting and exchanging money all the way to the finish line. Gameplay promotes a positive attitude towards earning and saving money. Children will become familiar with money and they’ll be having so fun much they won’t even realise they’re learning!

Last but not least is Exact Change the coin value card game where every penny counts! This 'Uno-style' money game is a fun way to introduce financial awareness. Players race to be the first to collect £3 in the bank across fast-paced rounds by getting rid of their hand first. Play cards by matching coin values, card colours or by making exact change, which allows players to discard multiple cards at once. Real-life images aid coin recognition whilst gameplay promotes equivalency skills.