Come forth and multiply!

by TnP Staff
Published: 26 February 2014, 10:28
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Maths-based board game PLYT gets the teachers' seal of approval

PLYT is the new board game that is sweeping the nation’s homes and schools, encouraging families and pupils to get together to compete and improve their numeracy.

Suitable for all ages 4 plus, this original, fast paced and exciting game challenges players to multiply a number of dice together and race along the board to reach the winner square before their opposition. It sounds simple, but beware the chance cards, which can boost you up a level or cast you back down again!A game can last from 15 minutes to 1 hour and can be played by 2 to 6 players at any one time.

Players must throw the master die plus any number of the other dice, dependent on their level, and multiply each of the numbers shown together. On answering the multiplication correctly, the player moves forward the number of squares on the black master die. However thanks to the flexible game options, anyone no matter what age or ability can play, from younger players adding or counting the numbers on the dice to the more experienced 'Plyter' capable of multiplying up to 6 dice within the time.

The traditional board game has been created by husband and wife team Ian and Lisa McCartney.

Lisa says: “We came up with the idea for Plyt when searching for a game that we could play with both of our children, aged 5 and 7. We found that there wasn’t anything on the market that we could all enjoy and get the same challenge from. The beauty of this game is that you can step up the challenge by adding more dice as players, young or old, grow in confidence.”

Ian adds: “At first we didn’t fully appreciate the astronomical improvement in our children’s numeracy, and our own as a result of the game. We were thrilled when their school asked what it was we were doing differently at home as they could see a marked improvement in their maths ability. That was when we thought that we might be on to something and produced the game on a bigger scale.

"The school has now bought a copy for each classroom from years 1 to 6, intending to use it in lessons on a regular basis so that the children have fantastic basic numeracy skills at an early age. They also plan to sell PLYT in the school shop to encourage parents to participate in their child's development, which is great news. Getting parents to participate in their children’s education has been proven to be hugely beneficial – what better way to do that than through playing a fun board game."

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