Learn through play with Hot Dots

by TnP Staff
Published: 7 July 2015, 11:25
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Learnings Resources fantastic Hot Dots Let's Learn! range brings learning to life

Children can reinforce their skills for learning success with the Hot Dots Let’s Learn! range from Learning Resources.

The range covers skills from grammar and phonics to maths and geography. Each set is complete with three spiral bound books, 288 self-checking activities and a Talking Hot Dots Pen. Activities are brought to life with colourful illustrations of familiar characters from the Jolly Phonics framework, keeping children engaged as they work independently.

The Hot Dots BrainBox Let’s Learn! About Our World set introduces children to the wonders of the world covering topics such as flags, capitals, currencies and places. The visual nature of the game enables children of all ages and abilities to play and learn on an equal basis.

The sets can be used with the Hot Dots Talking, Teaching Character Pens. Simply press the pen to the corresponding dot and receive instant feedback. Ollie the Talking, Teaching Owl is a wise learning companion, specifically designed for little hands. Ollie’s motivating phrases, sounds, music and flashing lights indicate correct and incorrect responses, reinforcing the learning experience. The Talking, Teaching Character Pens can be used across the entire line of Hot Dots including Hot Dots Tots and Hot DotsJr.

Fore more information visit www.learningresources.co.uk or contact UK Trade Retail Sales Manager, Chris Beardmore on 07872 377 302.