Innovative toys & games from Learning Resources give early learners the best start!

by TnP Staff
Published: 15 October 2013, 16:01
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Innovative toys and games from Learning Resources give early learners the best start!

Our early years teaching resources help to develop a wide range of skills from numeracy to literacy through a variety of educational games and toys. Inspire interest in science, creativity or help them develop basic skills through fun role play; And Learning resources has got the tools to help children learn as they grow! Encourage development and make learning fun for little ones by checking out our top pick of products...

The vibrant and colourful Twisty Droppers are a fun twist on motor skill development specially designed to increase hand strength and fine motor skills. These curly liquid droppers are the perfect learning toy, ideal for use at the water table, in scientific exploration and also creative play. Set of four dropper’s features soft, durable bulbs for easy suction and also include colourful translucent tubes. Ideal for little ones to get a grip on fine motor skills!

If you liked the sound of the Twisty Droppers then you’ll love the Handy Scoopers; practise the motions needed for scissor use while scooping up some hand strength and fine motor skills! 

Easy-grip handles promote firm control and holes featured in the translucent scoops allow for catch and release fun at the water table. Handy Scoopers also come in attractive colour combinations similar to the Twisty Droppers!

Small groups can create colourful designs with our great-value String Along Lacing Class Set. Strengthen fine motor skills, encourage creativity and improve concentration and more with this comprehensive lacing set! Children choose a lace then “pinch & punch” a design using the punch pen and the colourful pattern cards provided. Develop their hand-eye coordination with this great value resource for teaching; up to four children can play at once designing anything from a house to a dolphin and a palm tree!