Dunecraft grows bigger, better and creepier

by TnP Staff
Published: 1 May 2015, 11:12
Quick Link: www.toysnplaythings.co.uk/qak6v

Distributed by Toy Essentials, the new Zombie Farm adds some seriously strange plants to the range

The latest addition to the Dunecraft portfolio is new Zombie Farm - guaranteed to capture a child’s attention with its carefully sourced collection of strange plant species.

This latest Dunecraft kit offers grasses that grow in weird spiral shapes, a silver plant that has been used for centuries in witches cauldrons to make spells as well as a Cockscomb - a plant that bears flowers which eerily resemble the shape of a brain!

The Dunecraft Collection, invented by passionate horticulturalist Grant Cleveland and distributed in the UK by retail education specialist, Toy Essentials, has been designed to bring the art of growing plants to life for children 3+ with their imaginative, creative themes and accessible prices. Each kit offers all the elements required to grow the kits from seed.

New Zombie Farm is presented in a domed terrarium which provides the precise conditions required for seed germination and vigorous plant growth. Added value extras designed to further captivate children include glow in the dark gravel and Zombie themed plant stakes and decorative stickers.

The addition of Zombie Farm brings the total Dunecraft collection to 51. Other recent additions to the range include The Amazing Moving Plant, the Sensory Plant and the Desert Biodome Terrarium.